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New submissions

1) Effect of medication in a glucose-insulin mathematical model. Journal of Apllied Nonlinear Dynamics, 2023.
2) Diagnostic of brain tumour from structural and functional connectivities by using machine learning, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 2023.
3) Multistability and chaos in SEIRS epidemic model with a periodic time-dependent transmission rate, Chaos, 2023.
4) Impact of periodic vaccination in SEIRS seasonal model,  Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2023.
5) Analytical solution to short-term plasticity. Submitted to publication in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 2023.
6) The role of Potassium and Calcium currents in the bistable firing transition. Chaos, 2023.
7)Adaptive exponential integrate-and-fire model with fractal extension. Brain Science - MDPI, 2023.
8) Fractional diffusion equation under general kern
el and its stability. Fractal and Fractional - MDPI, 2023. 
Transient dynamics of fractional Fisher equation. Physica A, 2023.
10) Fractal and Fractional SIS model for syphilis data. Chaos, 2023
11) Impact of periodic vaccination in SEIRS seasonal model, Chaos, 2023.


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